Wednesday, June 16, 2004

library scavenger hunt

Well, 12 people hunted for information inside the Pawtucket Public Library last night! Nearly everyone found all the answers ... no matter how obscure! Of course I would've liked a bit more hunting of clues rather than asking library staff members for the answer but that's okay. As I said, everyone who started with the hunt, finished it and returned for some prizes.

Now I want to see how many students in grades 6 and up will read and report in the Teen Zone this summer. Those who contribute to at least 50 books being read this summer will enjoy a pizza party at the end of August, so start reading! Nearly everyone has to read for school over the summer so by signing up for the Teen Summer Reading Program, you get a chance to earn some rewards.

But last night was fun ... talking to my scavenger hunt participants, looking at their answers and just sharing a snack together was great! The best thing was when one boy described me as not just a library but a book freak, but he didn't mean that in a bad way ... I definitely take it as a compliment!