Monday, June 07, 2004

monday in the teen zone

Well, here it is, another Monday afternoon in the library.

Just put up a few new postcards I got at a library conference on Friday. They were given out by a company that makes audio books. I've read all three books: Fat Kid Saves the World by KL Going, A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly and Before We Were Free by Julia Alvarez.

My favorite of these three books is definitely Fat Kid Saves the World because it's a good story even if it's a little strange. The fat kid of the title is ready to throw himself in front of a subway when an elusive kid named Kurt convinces him to become the drummer in his band. Never mind that he doesn't really know how to drum, it's enough that Kurt believes in him.

Everyone I know who's read it has really liked it... let me know what you think.