Sunday, November 14, 2004

Girl, 15, Charming but Insane

Once again, another British writer and another wacky British teenage girl. Girl, 15, Charming But Insane by Sue Limb has an eye-catching cover with a teen girl made to look like the painting The Birth of Venus. Jess is a girl who wants to fit in and at the same time be noticed. When she wants to impress people at a party she makes fake breasts for herself by filling balloons with minestrone soup leading to a very, messy result when she springs a leak.

The other book I read this weekend is one that won't be published until February 2005. It's called The Secret Under My Skin by Janet McNaughton. She's a Canadian writer who gives a very bleak view of the future, one where people are afraid to be outside during the day because the ozone layer is nearly gone. The main character lives in an orphanage until she is taken to live and help another young woman who has been chosen to be a Bio-Indicator.

So far this year I've read about 73 books. Most of what I've read this past year have been books written for teens and they're all really good! Let me know if you have any suggestions for books to read for me!