Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Pity Party by Alison Pollet

Just this evening I started reading an advance reader's edition of The Pity Party: 8th grade in the life of me, Cass by Alison Pollet. This is the second book by this author but the first one I 've read and so far it's a fast read (it's only 148 pages long) and funny in parts. The main character Cass is an orphan. Both of her parents were killed in a car accident so she lives with a guardian who is a very nice woman named Bea.

Cass has two close friends named Penelope and Tillie but this year the three aren't in any classes together. Actually Cass is in quite a few classes surrounded by students she doesn't know very well. But she starts working on a movie for an English class project and begins to make friends with an odd troublemaker boy named Rod Punkin.

That's all I've read so far. If you're interested in the book, ask me about it next time you're in the teen zone!