Saturday, June 18, 2005

Deliver Us From Normal

Today I'm reading a new book Deliver Us From Normal by Kate Klise. I've read another book she co-authored called Regarding the Fountain which was a book done entirely in letters, memos and announcements about a school which has trouble getting its water bubbler fixed. It was very clever and funny.

So far I am finding very few things funny in this book. It's so sad that this character named Charlie Harrisong is so worried about being normal and when his sister runs for 7th grade class president his world falls apart. He discovers her posters defaced in the hallway and the next day he and his family, including three younger siblings, are on the run. They drive from Illinois to Alabama to purchase a run-down houseboat which his parents plan to live on! Yikes! It's one disaster after another. I don't know how this will end but so far, it's not good!