Monday, June 13, 2005

The World of Eldaterra

Well, over the weekend I read a book that will be published at the end of July. It's The World of Eldaterra: The Dragon Conspiracy published by HarperCollins. This is another book I received through their FirstLook Teen program. Anyone can sign up for it, it's a lot of fun to get a book months before it's even in bookstores.

But, back to the book, it's fantasy which starts out in our world but in the year 1895 and it switches to 1910, and so on (which made it a little confusing!) But the story revolves around a gateway into another world and the dragons that are trying to take over the world, with help from the Germans.

I'll be interested in hearing from other readers of this book. This book will be part of the Cutting Edge Readers Club here at the library this summer so you may be the next one to read it!

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