Saturday, October 01, 2005

13 Little Blue Envelopes

Just checking email and saw that another member of the RI Teen Book Award committee posted a score for this book 13 Little Blue Envelopes (2005) by Maureen Johnson. This was a recent favorite of mine which I neglected to mention here! This was a good change from some of the other books I've read recently because it was light and fun to read. The only slightly sad part of the story is the main character's favorite aunt has died and she now follows directions left in 13 letters from her dead aunt which lead her on an interesting adventure to England and Europe. So the travel part of it was different for a teen novel and the romance that develops is very sweet.

This weekend I didn't bring home any graphic novels to read. But I do have a few books that I should be getting started on soon. Last night I was in Borders looking over the graphic novels they have. It was interesting to see Maus I shelved with the other Holocaust books rather than with graphic novels. It makes sense but it was coincidental that I had just blogged on and it and I had gotten a comment from someone on my posting which is always great to see. I went to Borders after watching the movie Serenity which was great. Joss Whedon's graphic novel Fray is popular with kids in the library and of course Buffy and Angel continue to be favorites for many but I really loved the TV series Firefly which I viewed on DVD last month in preparation for the movie's release. It sounds so strange but a sci-fi western really works and the cast of characters are very engaging!