Monday, October 03, 2005

H.P. Lovecraft: Master of Weird Fiction

As I've mentioned, when new books are ready to be put on the shelves, I take a look at them first. Sometimes I put them on a new book list, sometimes I just skim them and others I read. Last week I was curious enough about his life to read H.P. Lovecraft: Master of Weird Fiction by William Schoell. Lovecraft lived in Providence for a while so people are always talking about him here in RI.

He lived a strange life. His mother was very overprotective of him, especially after his father died at a young age. Although he wanted to study at Brown University, he was unable to further his education after a nervous breakdown. It was something he would always regret.

Very similar in tone to Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft crafted bizarre stories which appealed to readers of weird fiction being published at the time. If you need to read about an author sometime, this book will certainly draw you in from the start. Some say he has influenced a lot of today's writers including Stephen King.