Thursday, January 26, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I went to the RI Teen Book Award committee meeting and we narrowed that list to about 17 but we still need to eliminate a few before the final vote in March. In the meantime I 'm encouraging kids who come into my library to vote on this year's nominees. There are so many good books out there right now that it's hard to get around to reading them all which is why I love it when kids tell me what they're reading and what the like!

Right now I'm reading Inexcusable (2005) by Chris Lynch. In the opening paragraphs we learn that something has gone badly wrong between Keir and a girl named Gigi. It appears that something happened between them that he thought was mutual but she is now describing as rape. They know each other and are good friends, so why would this happen? Well the rest of the book, so far, describes what life is like for Keir. He plays football, he lives with his widower father while his two older sisters are away at college and he is a well-liked guy at high school. Until this...