Sunday, January 08, 2006

Perfect by Natasha Friend

The book I'm reading now is Perfect by Natasha Friend. It's the story of Isabelle, a young girl struggling with bulimia. When her mom learns that she is throwing up after meals, she sends her to a therapy group to help her battle the disorder.

This book doesn't skimp on the details of binge eating and the subsequent purging that Isabelle goes through in order to not gain weight. She tells about how her cousin made a comment about her weight which set in motion her bulimia. Of course Isabelle is also still hurting from the unexpected death of her dad almost two years earlier. Clearly she's in a vulnerable spot and feels the only thing she can control is her eating!

With the pressure society places on girls and women to look a certain way, I'm sure many readers will relate to this book. This is a RI Teen Book Award title under consideration for the 2006 list!