Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Flush by Carl Hiaasen

Well, the audiobook I just finished today was very different from the previous one. Flush by Carl Hiaasen is about a Florida fisherman who sinks a gambling boat which has been dumping raw sewage into the water. Unfortunately he can't prove anything about the waste being flushed into the water so he takes matters into his own hands which means he ends up in jail!

Then his son and daughter concoct their own scheme to try and prove to the Coast Guard that the Coral Queen is really dumping into the water. Along the way the two run into a cast of characters who are very amusing and offer up a great twist in the story as well.

Although I listened to this story, I'm sure reading it would be great too because I liked his previous book written for kids your age, Hoot which will be released as a movie this month!