Monday, January 08, 2007

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

I started out on a road trip to New Hampshire yesterday with the audiobook of New Moon by Stephenie Meyer in the CD player. I had forgotten how strong the characters created by the author are and the romantic relationship between Bella, a high school senior who has just turned 18, and her boyfriend, Edward.

He is a bit older than her, um, maybe a hundred years older but since he's a vampire, no one can tell. Yes, falling in love with a vampire is tough on a girl. People always talk about the differences between men and women well, the Mars & Venus comparison is nothing when you think about the fact that she is human, for example, and he is immortal!

Everyone I know who read Meyer's first book Twilight absolutely fell in love with these characters so I'm guessing the sequel is just as strong. Even if you're like me and you've never been into vampire stories, all I can say is: Read this book!