Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hero by Perry Moore

So what I've been doing is looking at the advance review copies of books I picked up at Book Expo America and trying to read the ones that are being released soonest. So, even though the book "Hero" by Perry Moore isn't released until September 1st, I read it and finished it yesterday primarily so I could pass it on to a librarian friend.

The premise for "Hero" is that our main character, Thom Creed is a gay high school student who lives with his dad who is a fallen superhero. They are alone since the mom left and hasn't been seen in years. But Thom has powers of his own and is asked to join the League. So he tries out for the squad without his dad knowing.

It takes a long time to find out why the dad was kicked out of the league of heroes and why the mom left. The story runs to about 423 pages which is surprising for a teen novel. But it doesn't take long to realize the author is an avid reader of comics and the story line borrows from fact and fiction.

I won't say anything else about this book but it made me think about people keeping secrets and why they need to keep them.