Thursday, July 05, 2007

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

About a week ago, a teen girl asked me if there were more books by Gabrielle Zevin. Unfortunately I only had the one she had already read but I told her that I got an advance copy of her newest book which comes out in September and that if she asked me next time she was in, I would give that to her to read and she could review it for me.

Well, I started reading it and really got intrigued because it's a well-written teen novel that deals with a lot of issues: infidelity, divorce, remarriage, sex and trust. The story begins with the main character, Naomi, having slipped and fallen on the steps of her school. The result is a slight concussion and amnesia, but not of her whole life but just the past four years.

In other words, she doesn't remember why she liked her boyfriend and that her parents are divorced or why that happened. But she begins to fall for the guy who was the first person to find her when she was unconscious but he has a past that is slowly and painstakingly revealed.

Once again, this a teen novel that adults could read and relate to and I can't wait to hear what the teen readers at my library think of it. Maybe I am just a teen at heart because even though I'm 42, I agonize along with these kids and remember all too clearly what it felt like to fit in or not fit in during high school.