Monday, December 03, 2007

Payton Skky: Staying Pure

This is a first for me: reading a Christian teen novel. But it's great to read about a young woman who is very strong in her convictions and that exactly describes the character Payton Skky in Stephanie Perry Moore's Payton Skky series. The book opens with Payton having to be the one with a sound mind and remind her boyfriend that wants to remain a virgin until she marries. This is tough for him to hear because he says it's getting really difficult for him to wait.

This is one of the titles that I chose to read for a Young Adult Round Table meeting next week. Linda, from the Cranston Public Library, and I made up a list of recent urban fiction titles for teens, as an alternative to some of the more mature books that the high school girls want to read.

I really hope that Payton Skky becomes popular with teens because I know a lot of them are devout Christians, so I will be interested to see how popular this series becomes here.