Monday, March 17, 2008

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

Fortunately for my reading, I talk to a LOT of people and get reading suggestions from a lot of people. Last summer I talked to a man about my own age who works at RI School of Design. He teaches a course on graphic novels in a summer semester and I made a guest appearance there in June.

Well, anyway, he mentioned Bryan Lee O'Malley to me then and I FINALLY got some of his titles into my library's collection and even got some additional copies from a very nice publicist at Oni Press! So if you're looking to read this and you don't have a library card, I can let you borrow one of those copies.

Well, anyway, Scott Pilgrim is 23 and doesn't do a whole lot. He plays videogames and dates a high school student in the first book but he yearns for something more! They are done in a manga style of artwork and even though I do NOT read a lot of Japanese stuff, I really liked this!