Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Frannie in Pieces by Delia Ephron

This is a book that I received as an advance review copy a while back. I was interested in reading it because the author, Delia Ephron, also wrote one of my favorite books from my teen years: How to Eat Like a Child. When I was looking up the title of that book, I realized that she also wrote another that I owned at one point Teenage Romance, or How to Die of Embarrassment.

Frannie is recovering from her father's unexpected death. In other words, he wasn't sick, he just died. Her parents had previously divorced and her mom remarried but she misses her dad intensely. While she is cleaning out his belongings from his house, she discovers a hand-carved puzzle in a box that she thinks is her birthday gift so she sets about trying to put it together. That's when some strange things start to happen.

Without revealing the ending, I'll just say that this book is unexpected and funny. Frannie is an interesting young woman who is just trying to make sense of the world without her father in it.